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It’s me again!!


So sorry I havn’t posted in a while!! I have been so busy!!! But that is no excuse!! I go to high school now and I have made new friends!!

That was just a quick post to say hey!!
Keep on smiling, Bonnie! xxx

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6 leavers dinner! :)


Next week on Thursday I have my leavers dinner! I am really excited!

I have a really pretty dress that came from Tailand! It is blue  and crimped all the way through! It has a flower pattern that goes down one side!
I have seen nearly everyone elses dresses and they are really pretty!

the leavers dinner is a dinner for everyone leaving the school in that year ( year 6’s). In addition to the Leavers dinner we get t-shirts and on the last day of school we get to leave earlier!  As well as being exciting it is really scary because we are going to different schools next year! I am moving to a different city and Jacinda is moving to anothe STATE! How scary!  Anyways I and the rest of my friends are super duper EXCITED!

Do you have a exciting event coming up? comment and tell me if you do! 😉 Bonnie!

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Christmas! :)


Christmas is just around the corner, It is very exciting! Christmas day, 25th of December, was the day Jesus Christ was born!

There are a lot of different ways to celebrate Christmas but how I celebrate it is, as a family we st up a Christmas tree 12 days before Christmas. We leave Pressies under the tree for family then on December 25th we give the presents! We have a Christmas Lunch with Roasts and stuff like that! 🙂

How do you celebrate Christmas?

 Christmas is a special family day for me and it is a really enjoyable day too!

Keep on smiling,

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This is my list of nominations:
I know these people are in my class but They have been working REALLY hard!!
Lily   Georgie  Darcy  Gabi
Why am I nominating these blogs?  Because They have been working really hard and their blogs are really cool!!!

keep on Smiling!! Bonnie!!
P.S. can I nominate my own blog???

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My favourite thing!


I have lots of favourite things but I will do a post about…  Friends!

I love my friends soo much but soon we will all split up to go to different High Schools! 🙁 I will miss them a lot! They are the family I chose!

We all made up our own fakenames! The only rule is it must end in IE! These are the names:
Katie, Millie, Abbie, Mollie, bobbie, Rubie, Ellie, Lucie, Kellie, Jaimie, Billie and Charlie. I am Katie! Try and guess who everyone else is!!

My Friends are georgie, edina, Lily, jacinda, darcy, Sophie, keisha, meg and gabi! here is a picture I did of them it was done on wordle.
What is Your favourite thing (s)?
Keep on Smiling!      Bonnie!



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I am doing a post about my friend that is sitting next to me right now!

She has Blonde hair and blue eyes! she is really funny and quite talkative!

Her favourite:

colour: Purple and Green.

animal: Elephant

song: ???

Book: Life, After by ???

Movie: The Invention of Lying and 50 First Dates

T.V. show: Glee

She is really awesome and a good friend of mine!

Keep on smiling Bonnie!

Visit her blog at:


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Sentence with no words!


Well her is my sentence!:


Keep on Smiling! Bonnie! (comment if you know what I said!)
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Challenge 5- My Fav colour!


Activity 3 – Colour a post

Write a post about your favourite colour and include at least three images. Remember to resize them to small or no bigger than about 400 pixels in width. Remember to explain why you chose those particular images and include the attribution correctly.

My favourite colour is white!

I really like this colour because every painting has to start with a blank canvas which are always white!

some of the cutest things are white!


This is what I was talking about before:
masterpiece by 416style, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  416style 
What is your favourite colour?
Keep on Smiling!                   Bonnie!
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If I could learn anything….


This is activity 4 of Challenge 4.

Activity 4. If I could learn anything ……

If there were one thing in life you could learn to do, what would it be? How are you going about achieving this dream?

I would really like to learn sign language because I have learnt a little bit and taught some to my friends!

I put a post about it a while ago about  it and I gota lot of responses!

Keep on Smiling! Bonnie

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Challenge 4!


This activity you start a story and in comments you finish it!

Once upon a time there lived a girl, Icotope, she had blue eyes white hair, she was gorgeous but was one of the meanest girls in the world.  She had a twin sister who was as sweet as lollies. Her name was Candy.

Candy was equally as pretty as her sister but had purple hair, making her more…

Time for you to step in and do some more of the story!

Keep on smiling!                 Bonnie

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