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6 leavers dinner! :)


Next week on Thursday I have my leavers dinner! I am really excited!

I have a really pretty dress that came from Tailand! It is blue  and crimped all the way through! It has a flower pattern that goes down one side!
I have seen nearly everyone elses dresses and they are really pretty!

the leavers dinner is a dinner for everyone leaving the school in that year ( year 6′s). In addition to the Leavers dinner we get t-shirts and on the last day of school we get to leave earlier!  As well as being exciting it is really scary because we are going to different schools next year! I am moving to a different city and Jacinda is moving to anothe STATE! How scary!  Anyways I and the rest of my friends are super duper EXCITED!

Do you have a exciting event coming up? comment and tell me if you do! ;) Bonnie!

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“6 leavers dinner! :)”

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  2. December 11th, 2011 at 4:04 am       Laura H Says:

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